**** COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2 ****



Commodore 64 (commonly known as the C64 or CBM 64) was manufactured by Commodore Business Machine (CBM) in August 1982 with a starting price of $595. It was an 8-bit home computer with remarkable market success. Between 1983-1986, C64 sales amounted to about 17 million units sold, making them the best-selling single personal computer model of all time in 1983-1986.

Commodore licensed BASIC from Microsoft on a "pay once, no royalties" basis for US$25,000. Bill Gates first offered it at a $3 per unit royalty fee but Jack Tramiel turned it down stating "I'm already married", said he would pay no more than $25,000 for a perpetual license and Gates later came back and accepted the deal. Commodore took the source code of the flat-fee BASIC and further developed it internally for all their other 8-bit home computers. It was not until the Commodore 128 (with V7.0) that a Microsoft copyright notice was displayed. However, Microsoft had built an easter egg into the version 2 or "upgrade" Commodore Basic that proved its provenance: typing the (obscure) command WAIT 6502, 1 would result in Microsoft! appearing on the screen. (The easter egg was well concealed—the message did not show up in any disassembly of the interpreter.)

Our Goal:
C64Basic.com was set up to help young and old to learn this masterful programming language that helped start it all. Yes, Commodore Basic and other flavors of Basic are over 40 plus years old, but it's a great place to learn to program or just to remember the olden days!

With this website, you will find all kinds of information on the Commodore systems as well programming samples and our custom games.

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